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Quick Start

Thank you for choosing the HYpost Hand Sanitiser system.

Configuration Options

The HYpost can be configured as a freestanding unit or can be bolted to the ground. 

Free standing configuration

Your HYpost comes with a stabilising base plate. You must attach the stabiliser to the main base of the unit using the 4 screw provided for free standing use. Make sure you have the rubber feet facing away from the unit, as to not scratch your floor, and that your floor is level.

NOTE: If you will be using your HYpost in a free standing configuration, please make sure you attach the stabiliser before filling the unit with sanitiser.

Securing the HYpost if free standing: At the rear of the unit towards the bottom is an M10 button head bolt. Please remove the bolt and replace with the provided Eye Bolt until hand tight. 

NOTE: The unit should always have either the original bolt or the security Eye Bolt attached. 

Flour mounted configuration

Your HYpost comes with 4 markings on the plastic base. You will need to use a 10mm drill bit to reveal the holes on the metal base which are suitable for M10 size fixings. A professional should be used to determine how best to secure the unit to your floor going through the 4 holes in the unit base.

Filling the unit with sanitiser for the first time - IMPORTANT

  • Use the filler key to open the filler cap and empty the 5L sanitiser into the internal tank.
  • Press and release the pedal gently approximately 20 times to fill the system piping with sanitiser, and to remove all air. (Note as our units are all water tested, when priming for the first time you may notice some water exit the unit).
  • Once the sanitiser is coming out of the dispense nozzle smoothly, your system is primed and ready to use. 
  • Close the filler cap using the key provided. 

      Note: You should not need to prime the system again unless you allow the tank to completely empty allowing air back into the piping. If your system is not primed, air within the pipework will stop your unit from working properly. Please continue to press the foot pedal and release it gently for the further 20 presses. You can save the sanitiser being dispensed in a container and pour it back into the tank.

      Health & Safety

      • The foot pump is designed for foot operation only, please keep fingers clear.
      • HyPost sanitiser contains 70% alcohol. Please refer to the Product Safety Data sheet before use.