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15 Unique Design Features of the HYpost

  1. Flip over pedal = for easier cleaning
  2. 5 litre tank capacity = less frequent refills
  3. Large filling cap = faster to fill & less messy
  4. Calibrated dosage = less gunk on your users hands
  5. Level viewing window = quickly know when a refill is required
  6. UV8 grade plastic = ideal for outdoor use
  7. Anti microbial body = hygienic plastic 
  8. Locking bolt = so no one walks off with your HYpost
  9. Clean lines & surfaces = easy and quick to clean
  10. Water run-off channel = just in case it rains
  11. Smooth surface coating = resists finger marks
  12. Stainless Steel filler cap = it just looks great :-), oh, and it's easy to clean
  13. Pre marked bolting points = for if you are fitting permanently in position
  14. Reinforced metal sub frame = we dont do disposable products, this will last
  15. Large HAND SANITISER label = because people need to see it




We ordered 2 of the HYpost foot operated sanitising gel dispensers for use in our referral veterinary practice. We have one by the front door and one by the kitchen door to ensure communal touch points are as safe as possible. They were simple to assemble in the free standing configuration and filling with the 5 litres of gel provided was extremely quick and easy. It has been a huge time saver being able to set them up and just get on with our busy work day, knowing they will not need costly and time consuming refills or maintenance every day. There were cheaper units available to buy but when we compared their overall running costs (the special pouches of gel, the time taken to find any still available online, and the time spent maintaining the gel levels and replacing batteries or cleaning the hand pump, it all adds up!) we realised these units would save us a fortune in the long term! Couldn’t be happier with them. 

Amanda M., Client Care Manager at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre, Wetherby