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Why doesn’t the Hypost have a drip tray?

That's a good question...

Gel building and drips are common with manual press pump nozzles. We couldn’t change this, but we did make sure that our nozzle area is very easy to wipe clean.

Some units have specific drip trays which will require someone to clean this out as it can look "messy" near where you are expected to hold your hand to accept the gel dispense. Our foot pedal is in essence replacing a drip tray.

The Hypost foot pedal slopes away from the unit so drips will flow away from the unit rather than effect the pedal mechanism. This design also allows for cleaners to wipe away dribbles off the pedal with a mop or similar, rather than having to physical remove drip trays by touching the unit and handling components with their hands.

This foot pedal design is also what makes the Hypost suitable for outdoor installations, as drip trays will fill with rain water, dirt etc, and overflow over the unit.

Our pedal also folds away from the body should someone want to give it a deeper clean.