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Made in Britain Announcement

RONIS PERDIOS  has been designing and creating new products for companies for over 16 years and set up Ronis Perdios Limited in 2020. This Leeds-based product design and new product development company creates new products across varying industry sectors including the medical, parent and baby, personal health and safety and the music sectors. The company has now succeeded in gaining membership to the Made in Britain organisation. 

In 2020 Ronis Perdios achieved a personal ambition of using his knowledge and skills to create his own brand products of which, the hands free sanitiser, HYpost is the first of what he hopes will be many. The company told Made in Britain that hand hygiene has been the most consistent global message to keep people safe from spreading contamination and the HYpost hands free sanitiser was designed to help businesses provide hand sanitising with minimal impact to their normal day-to-day activities.  

Ronis Perdios, inventor and product designer at Ronis Perdios Limited, told Made in Britain, “British manufacturing can be a very powerful tool for businesses who have their own products - especially new to market products. It gives the teams that have to deliver real world products the ability to have a hand’s on approach to get the niggles of production fixed quickly. The ability to get in your car to visit a factory, in my opinion, is fantastic. Made in Britain is not just about supporting manufacturing and UK jobs, it is about confidence to design and deliver successful  products that can compete on a global level.”

Ronis Perdios Limited will be using the official Made in Britain mark initially with the HYpost but expects to use it on other products as the product brands and ranges increase over the years.