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Why choose HYpost™?

Knowledge regarding virus transmission, contamination on surfaces, hand hygiene, and general best practice is growing on a daily basis. Hand hygiene has been the most consistent global message to keep people safe from spreading contamination and this is where the HYpost comes in.

Our design team have taken the strict surface cleaning requirements of the medical market, mixed this with the production processes of safety road traffic products, thrown in a lot of human centred design and created the HYpost.

The HYpost has been designed specifically with you in mind, with every component having been carefully selected for safety of the user, the person refilling the tank, and the person cleaning the unit. The use and make up of materials, the specific dosage dispensed and the way to refill the HYpost are all purposeful, giving you confidence that optimum hygiene standards are achieved.

Do not let the smooth stylish exterior fool you, with a UV8 rated, anti-microbial body and reinforced metal subframe, this product is built to last. You can keep the product compact and bolt it to the ground, you can have it free standing via the simple (included) addition of the stabilising foot plate, or you can screw in the large eye bolt (also included) to secure to a chain or padlock (no we didn’t include those).